2016 Goals

Goals Concept

2014 was all about getting to the finish line in Cozumel. 2015 was all about staying injury-free, smart, and dedicated enough to race in Kona and finish strong. But now 2016, my third year of Ironman training, will be focused on taking it ‘to the next level’ which just means focusing on getting stronger and faster.

I hired Duane Franks as my coach again and I couldn’t be more happy and excited to be working with him. He’s also coaching Mark 🙂 And he’s already started populating my TrainingPeaks calendar and getting me on the right track for the year. This week we’re doing a lot of benchmark testing to update all of my heart rate zones and see where I’m starting.

I have some specific goals for the year and I always find it helpful to share them with other people to stay accountable, focused, and to remind myself along the way. In fact, in a couple months I’ll plan on giving an update to these goals and talk about progress. Here they are:

  1. Focus on running speed, form, and nutrition to break 4 hours at the Paris Marathon on April 3rd
    • Out of the three sports, running is the one I enjoy the most and gravitate towards. So I’m excited to really focus on it over the next 11 weeks leading up to my 3rd full marathon.
    • I’ll be going to GGTC track on Wednesday nights, having my form evaluated, and testing out new nutritional products from UCAN.
    • My other marathon times were 4:45 (San Diego) and 4:30 (Chicago) so breaking 4:00 will take some work and commitment. But I’m excited to see what I’m capable of doing in Paris
  2. Increase strength, power and technical skills to break 13 hours at Ironman Mont Tremblant on August 21st
    • I’ll be focusing on strength training more this year. In the past I put weights and strength training in the category of ‘nice to do if there’s time’ but this year I’m making it a priority 2-3x per week. I’ve enlisted the help of an awesome trainer at my gym and he’s been educating me about muscles, function and form.
    • I plan on doing more biking handling clinics with GGTC such as descending and climbing. I particularly need help with descending confidence.
    • 13 hours would be a 48 minute PR over Ironman Cozumel. So again, it’ll require significant work and dedication but I’m ready for it and excited.
  3. Attend Masters swim or take a private swim lesson at least once a week
    • I’ve probably mentioned a million times on the blog that I’m a terrible swimmer and need to improve. But this year I plan on going to Burlingame Aquatics’ Masters class at least once a week. These are 75 minute classes and full of very experienced athletes. I liked my ‘old’ Masters class but the time just wasn’t very convenient and I found myself being very inconsistent with it.
    • I also connected with a personal coach at Oracle’s pool (the one I go to regularly) that can work with me but I haven’t enlisted her help yet.
  4. Improve commute by biking to work once a week and taking the company shuttle  on the other days
    • I commute to work about an hour each way in traffic and it’s a massive time suck and stressful. I try to make it bearable by listening to podcasts and audiobooks but it’s still a drag.
    • The other day I biked to work ~30 miles and it was the best way to start the day ever. I used to do this regularly in 2013-2014 but I really want to make this a regular habit again. The guys I ride with are FAST and can really help get me stronger out there.
  5. Reduce and manage stress through weekly yoga and daily meditation
    • The gym at work has 3 free yoga classes a week so I really don’t have an excuse to not show up at least once. I love the way I feel after a yoga class — calm and with happier muscles!
    • For meditation I’ll continue to use the Headspace app.
  6. Enhance non-triathlon areas of life by reading a new book a month, volunteering more frequently, traveling to new cities, and spending more time with friends/family 
    • Triathlon is a hobby and should never be the #1 priority in my life. I have other ambitions, interests and goals outside of the multisport life and I can’t lose sight of that. My career, friends, Mark, family and philanthropy are very important.
    • Right now I’m reading Endzone: The Rise, Fall and Return of Michigan Football. Next month I’ll read Living with a Seal.
    • This year Mark and I have some trips lined up to Paris, Scotland (we think), Boulder, Mont Tremblant, East Coast road trip, and maybe a long weekend in Hawaii. Tahoe, Chicago, Boston and NYC are also on the list this year!
    • I’m re-joining the board of Junior Achievement of San Mateo and will be deeply involved with them. Can’t wait. I also plan on volunteering more with the Humane League and other animal rights organizations.

Leave me a comment and let me know what your top goals are for the year. Let’s motivate each other and have a great year!

Thanks everyone. Swim. Bike. Run. Eat Plants.

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BIke to work



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