Week 20: It’s a Boy!

Mark and I are thrilled to announce that we’re having a boy!! We found out yesterday with a “silly” gender reveal party using silly string (thanks YouTube). It was so much fun!


We are so grateful to be surrounded by so much love, especially from family and friends who happily shower us with blue string (and my parents who FaceTimed in from Detroit!) Even though I moved to San Francisco 10 years ago literally knowing one person, I’m so happy to have grown my roots here and to see the family tree grow. Baby Boy Bollozos will have 6 boy cousins and 2 girl cousins, all of whom live in the Bay Area. We are so lucky!

I grew up with two brothers, 10 boy cousins (out of 12 total), a slew of family friends who were boys, and I now work in Finance in the videogame industry. So, it’s safe to say I’ve been around boys since Day 1. While a little girl would’ve obviously been an incredible blessing, I feel like it’s so appropriate and natural that I become a #boymom. I’m so excited! And so is Mark. I see the way that he interacts with his nephews and he always has so much fun with them — and vice versa.

I started doing a little research and I came across this very sweet blog post about being the mom to boys. ❤ Love it.

So how did we do the reveal? Mark asked a co-worker to read the result from our doctor, and then to give us the appropriate color silly string (blue or pink). We gathered friends and family at the park, counted down from 10, and then Boom! It was blue!! Here’s the YouTube video if you’re interested. We had so much fun. And it was a great excuse to get family and friends together — some of whom haven’t seen each other since our wedding last year! It was definitely a fun success.

Old Wives Tales were split 7-6 in favor of Boy!

Other Week 20 updates: we started shopping at BuyBuy Baby. We spent about 90 minutes at the store 1:1 with a salesperson who walked us around the store and dropped some serious baby product knowledge. It was amazing! We still have so much to do, but we’ve decided on some big ticket items like our stroller, car seat, baby carrier, high chair and a few others.

Testing the Ergobaby carrier!

I’m still feeling great and staying active with running, yoga, weight lifting, and indoor cycling. I actually went swimming this morning for the first time in several months and it felt great!

After teaching a sweaty spin class
Swimming feels wonderful, and will be my go-to after running becomes painful

The only “oh pregnancy” moment I had this week was when I started having blurry vision on Wednesday. I was understandably freaked out, but I called my doctor and she calmed my fears and told me it was a very common pregnancy symptom. And within 30 minutes my vision was back to normal. Ohhh pregnancy. You’re amazing but also so weird.

That’s all for now. 20 weeks pregnant means we’re at the halfway point. CRAZYTOWN! I can’t believe it!!


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