2016 Goals

2014 was all about getting to the finish line in Cozumel. 2015 was all about staying injury-free, smart, and dedicated enough to race in Kona and finish strong. But now 2016, my third year of Ironman training, will be focused on taking it 'to the next level' which just means focusing on getting stronger and… Continue reading 2016 Goals

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Ironman World Championship 2015 Race Report

Racing in the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona was truly the experience of a lifetime. The energy from the crowds, the support from the volunteers, the sight of the pros flying by, the excitement in the air and the stories from athletes from around the globe truly made this a world class event. For me,… Continue reading Ironman World Championship 2015 Race Report

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Week 43: Recovery Week

Good thing this was a recovery week because life has been a little nutty with work + SF Giants + social events. It's a tough life šŸ™‚ Speaking of nutty, I discovered vegan Nutella and it's lick-the-spoon delicious. It's the Justin's Chocolate Hazlenut Butter. Not the healthiest, but man it's good during a stressful week!… Continue reading Week 43: Recovery Week

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Week 32: Ironman Lake Tahoe Course Preview Weekend

One of the reasons I signed up for my firstĀ Ironman in Lake TahoeĀ (as opposed to other destinations around the world) is because Tahoe is only a ~4 hour drive from San Francisco and I can preview the course. Gaining insight into the hills, the terrain, the ins-and-outs, the turns, and the nuances helps build tremendous… Continue reading Week 32: Ironman Lake Tahoe Course Preview Weekend

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Week 31: Marin Century

It's official, all of my planned races for the summer leading up to Ironman are DONE! I still haveĀ a few more 'peak weeks' ahead of me before tapering so IĀ have to keep my head on straight and stay focused, but I feel really great about my training so far. Everything seems to be coming together… Continue reading Week 31: Marin Century