Week 17: The Honeymoon Period

As of yesterday I’m 17 weeks pregnant which means Baby B is just about 4 months along and the size of a pomegranate. Wait… I’m 4 months pregnant?! No way. I have a hard time believing that! It feels like yesterday that we found out about Baby B on that Easter Sunday/April Fools Day. Time is flying by and I’m doing the best I can to pause, take it all in, and allow time to slow down a bit. To help with this I’ve been journaling almost everyday as a way to reflect on the pregnancy and life in general, meditating more regularly, and last weekend I went to a yoga retreat with Jenna where we slept in nature, did yoga, and just paused. It was amazing.

Yoga retreat at The Lotus Feed with Jenna

The other amazing thing about being 17 weeks pregnant is that this is often referred to as the “honeymoon period“. And I now understand why! All of my nausea is gone, I’m super energized, my belly isn’t large yet, I can still lie on my back, my food aversions are gone, my clothes still fit (kinda), and I overall just feel great! I’ve been able to keep up with my normal routine throughout my entire pregnancy so far — from teaching spin classes and leading GGTC runs to traveling and working on projects at work. But right now it’s easier than ever and I feel very lucky.

“Running for 2” on a very hazy/foggy morning in SF with the Golden Gate Triathlon Club

On Saturday I went to a prenatal yoga class at The Mindful Body and we went around to say how we were feeling, etc. Most of the yogis were in their 3rd trimester so I heard a lot about back pain, swelling, heartburn, and achy joints. When it was my turn to speak I said “no issues… yet“. And the yoga teacher politely reminded me to stay present and to appreciate today, because I’ll fill myself with anxiety if I worry about the future. She’s so right. So again, I’m hitting pause and enjoying every moment of this honeymoon period.

The other great thing that happened this week is we finalized where we’ll give birth. We toured a few different hospitals and a birthing center in the Bay Area but we chose CPMC Mission Bernal which opens next month. We toured it last Tuesday and it’s absolutely stunning, brand new, and with the most gorgeous views of the city. It looks more like a comfy and bright hotel than a hospital which is exactly the environment we were looking for.

Next on our to-do list is to interview doulas, start a registry, plan a small gender reveal party, and start getting design ideas for our nursery. Planning for baby is a lot like planning a wedding — parties to throw, registries to create, venues to tour, ‘vendors’ to interview, and a massive spreadsheet to update. Except that this time I get to eat chocolate and vegan ice cream! 🙂 We loved wedding planning and so far love ‘baby planning’!

Some of my faves lately:

Le Tote maternity screenshot. Image source: style me thrifty
Two pairs of my Rothy’s. I have 6 in my collection so far. I love them!

What are your pregnancy faves? And what did you buy for baby that ended up collecting dust? Conversely, what did you buy that you LOVED?

4 thoughts on “Week 17: The Honeymoon Period

  1. If you haven’t already, check out Lucie’s List – local-to-SF mom that does product reviews on pretty much anything you can think of (plus posts on a lot of other pregnancy/baby-related stuff.) I like her reviews because she’ll break things into categories and give options within each category – and she explains when you might want to consider one item over another. Just really practical stuff. Generally I’ve found that some items that totally work for one family may not work for others (like having a garage and no stairs is a totally different ballgame than having to move a kid and a stroller down a bunch of stairs and across a parking lot!) so having the perspective of why one item might work better for a given situation is really helpful.

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