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Week 9: A little R&R in Wine Country

We’re one week away from race day and I’m getting super excited because 1) I’m almost at my $1,000 fundraising goal, and 2) it’s TAPER TIME!!

Taper is the time between peak training and race day. Depending on the race, this usually lasts about 2 weeks. Taper is time to focus on shorter workouts, quality nutrition, hydration, and good ol’ relaxation. The goal is to get to the starting line of your race energized and ready to go, not drained and sore from your training. Some people refer to having the ‘taper crazies’ which is basically feeling antsy, hyper, and a little too much energy. I find this to be the best scenario! So bring it on, taper crazies!

So, this weekend, Mark and I spent 3 days in Sonoma to help support the businesses that may have lost tourism dollars these past couple of weeks due to the fires. We did yoga, got massages, soaked in the spa’s mineral baths, went for a 7-mile trail run, went on a wine tour, had amazing dinners, drank more wine, and walked around the Sonoma Square. It was the most relaxing weekend ever, and such a great way to recover from some long workouts, and some stressful workdays.

This week I’ll put together my race plan and make sure I’m prepared for anything and everything that could come my way. Tomorrow night our coaches are hosting a GGTC member meeting at Sports Basement to talk about the race and general trail running tips. This will help me visualize and prepare for the race. Our coaches are the best!

Generally I’m feeling excited for the 50K, but with a healthy dose of nerves. 6,700 ft of elevation gain is a hard number to wrap my head around, and will require just as much mental toughness as physical toughness.

For my GGTC friends, I hope to see you at the Muir Woods aid station!

Thanks all! #ForTheAnimals,



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