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The Impossible Burger: Is it a game changer?

The Impossible Burger is no ordinary veggie burger. It sizzles like meat, it bleeds like meat, it looks like meat, and it tastes like meat. But it's made entirely from plants.  I think it'll go mainstream because in my 21-year experience as vegetarian, this is the best veggie burger I've ever had. And the company has raised… Continue reading The Impossible Burger: Is it a game changer?

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Triathlon Gift Guide 2015

Do you have a triathlete in your life? Or maybe you're a triathlete looking to give yourself a "to me, from me" gift this holiday season? Look no further! I compiled the list below based on some of my favorite things, and some of my friend's wish lists. Happy holidays, happy training, and don't forget to… Continue reading Triathlon Gift Guide 2015

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Girl Crush: Hillary Biscay, Plant-based Ultraman Winner

Why is Hillary Biscay my tri idol? Well... She has completed 60 Ironman triathlons. SIXTY! That is insane! The fact that she can have the strength to do this and to recover between races/workouts quickly enough is mind-boggling. In 2006 she became the first person to record 6 top-five Ironman finishes in one season, among other… Continue reading Girl Crush: Hillary Biscay, Plant-based Ultraman Winner

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Heart Healthy

Cardiac arrest. Sudden death. These are the scary terms that are thrown around quite a bit in the sports world. Whenever someone dies during an athletic event, it's usually from cardiac arrest. In triathlons and marathons it seems that sudden death is quite prevalent, especially during the swim portion of a triathlon. Even if the stats… Continue reading Heart Healthy