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Week 4 — Do It For The Views (and Food)

As Stephanie and I conquered the second big climb of the day, I huffed and puffed “do it for the views!” and she said “and food!”. No truer statements have been made on the trails 🙂 We love our 360-degree views from the top of big hills, but we love a nice, warm meal after a hard effort. Usually that meal is in the form of a quinoa plate from Cafe del Soul in Mill Valley.

On Saturday, I met Stephanie at 6:45am for a 20 mile run on the trails in the Marin Headlands. We also met up with the GGTC trail run group, but we thought we’d get a head start at sunrise. On the first big climb of the day we went to the tippy top of a hill to get a picture. My jaw dropped and I just threw my hands in the air, “WOW!!” It was the most gorgeous view of the Bay I’ve ever seen. We could just as easily see the San Bruno mountains as Mt. Diablo. Unreal!

We continued the run while chit-chatting, taking photos, and keeping each other motivated. Stephanie was definitely powering me up the hills, whether she knew it or not. Funny enough, she said the same thing about me. So, I guess we helped each other!

My legs felt pretty trashed at the end of the run, but they felt way better than the long run two weeks ago.

The next day, Sunday, I set out to run 8 miles. (Now, as a reminder, two weeks ago I made it 3 *blocks* when the plan said 8 miles. My legs were completely destroyed and there was no way I could run.) Fast forward to Sunday and I made it the full 8 miles with some hills thrown in. SUCCESS!! And conveniently I ended my run at The Plant Cafe for a basil tofu scramble and protein smoothie. YUM! It feels so good to be getting stronger, and do be adapting to the training.

The weekend consisted of a total of 28 running miles, which is definitely the most I’ve ever run in a single weekend. And it felt great!

I’m really enjoying the 50K training – for the views, the food, and the silly girl chats along the way.

Thank you all for your support #ForTheAnimals

-Carolyn del soul 2

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