2016 Goals

2014 was all about getting to the finish line in Cozumel. 2015 was all about staying injury-free, smart, and dedicated enough to race in Kona and finish strong. But now 2016, my third year of Ironman training, will be focused on taking it 'to the next level' which just means focusing on getting stronger and… Continue reading 2016 Goals

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Week 36: Taper Time!

We made it to taper!! HALLELUJAH! That means we've officially peaked and now it's all about gradually reducing volume while sticking with shorter interval workouts. It's also equally about rest, recovery, eating well, hydrating, bike maintenance, making crazy detailed lists, and generally trying to avoid freaking out. It's harder than you think! A Googly Commute I went to Washington DC… Continue reading Week 36: Taper Time!