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Week 7: Peak Week!

This is the most running mileage I’ve done in the course of 2 days EVER! I ran 23 miles on Saturday followed by 10 miles on Sunday. Saying it out loud, or even typing it here, seems pretty nuts. Did I really run 33 miles in a single weekend? Holy smokes. I didn’t know I could do that!

The run on Saturday was probably the hardest run I’ve done, and was a great preview for the North Face 50K coming up in 3 short weeks. It wasn’t so much the distance that was hard, it was the elevation gain. We climbed 4,500 ft of lonnng slow uphills followed by steep descents. There were some sections that were so steep it was even hard to walk!

My strategy for these long 1,000ft uphill sections was to find my groove and a sustainable pace while keeping my heart rate in check. It’s really easy to blow up and tire yourself out on these trails if you’re not careful. I even used power-hiking as a technique on certain sections. I also make sure I’m taking in some calories and water on a regular basis to avoid hitting that proverbial wall. I bought a Nathan hydration pack which can carry my cell phone, 4 bars, 2 water bottles and a spare shirt. Best purchase ever since water is extremely limited in the Marin Headlands.

I started the Saturday run with the broader GGTC trail running group but ended up sticking with Stephanie the whole time. Once again, we kept each other motivated and safe out there. The fog was so dense that I probably would’ve been a little freaked out running by myself – especially since I’m in the middle of watching Stranger Things. Creepy!

The final 3 miles were really tough, and will be part of the final stretch on race day. This race is going to be so hard – I still can’t believe we’ll be doing 6,700 ft of elevation gain over 31+ miles. It still sounds insane!! But I just have to trust my training, stay focused on hydration and nutrition, and pace myself properly.

On Sunday, Mark and I got up early for a nice 10 mile loop around SF through the woods of the Presidio, along the Marina Green with the bridge in the background, and past Aquatic Park where we normally swim. I was feeling surprisingly fresh!

And then it was time for brunch at this vegan filipino restaurant called Nick’s Kitchen. THE BEST!!

Final update —  I recently started selling some merchandise through Zazzle. So, if you’re looking for a gift for the vegan, vegetarian or tofu-lover in your life, head over to my product store.

Thanks for the support everyone!!



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