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Week 2 — Mi-wanna-wok

There’s a notoriously long and steep trail in the Marin Headlands called “Miwok” and as much as I tried to stay positive and strong, I kept thinking in my head “Mi-wanna-wok”! I powered up the hill but did take a couple power-hike breaks. Pacing is key in endurance events!

On Saturday I met my Golden Gate Triathlon team at San Francisco Running Company for a 16.5 mile trail run. It was one of those perfectly clear, warm, sunny days and I was so happy to be out on the trails. And I’m pretty sure that was the longest trail run I’ve ever done in my life – and it’s only going to get longer from here as I build to race day of ~31 miles and nearly 7,000 ft of elevation gain.

I started the run with the group but we quickly spread out as we tackled the first hill. I started talking with Dario who kept me company most of the way. And Claire who encouraged me to look into getting certified as a running coach. As I rounded the corner on the SCA trail, I could see the entire SF skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge. I had to stop running and just take in the beauty of our city. WE ARE SO LUCKY TO LIVE HERE!!

At around mile 14 I was starting to feel pretty fatigued. I trotted back to the starting point and re-fueled with an amazing brunch at Cafe del Soul with Steph, Erika, and Christa. I also bought one of those running vests so I could carry more water and nutrition with me next time. The Marin Headlands doesn’t have very much water. Yikes!

I tried going for my prescribed 8-mile run on Sunday and I made it 3 blocks. Not 3 miles, 3 blocks. My body didn’t feel very sore, but as soon as I started jogging I could immediately tell I wasn’t recovered. So, I took a rest day and enjoyed a nice Sunday with friends and Mark. 🙂

THANK YOU ALL for the donations so far! You’re helping improve the lives of factory farm animals all over the world.


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