Week 19: Baby B Would Like to Facetime…

It’s been about two months since we last did a Baby Facetime, so we didn’t exactly know what to expect. But wow, medical technology is amazing! We got to see the baby’s fingers, toes, thumping heart, spine, brain, lungs, ears, mouth, nose, you name it! (We just looked away when they were zooming in to determine the gender; more on that in a bit). And I don’t think I’ve said “wow” so many times in a single hour. It was incredible!! And the good news is that Baby B looks great and is growing at the right pace. Phew! That definitely helped calm our minds a bit.


Baby was squirming around a lot so it was hard for the technician to get the screenshots she needed (hmm makes me think it’s a boy!). Baby was probably like “stop looking at me, I’m naked!!” And then he/she went on to gulp down some amniotic fluid. Seriously, we saw the baby open and close its mouth like it was trying to eat or talk – it was so cool! And it also looked like baby was waving at us, “Hi Mom and Dad!”. I also noticed that the baby has Mark’s adorable nose! The whole thing was unbelievable and it’s starting to sink in that there is a little tomato-sized person in there who’s growing every single day. Wow!

Our doctor wrote down the gender in a sealed envelope which we’ll reveal in a “silly” way on Sunday with a small group. We can’t wait to find out! I get asked a lot, “do you have a preference?” No. And “do you have a feeling one way or the other?” Also a no (other than the squirming). I haven’t had any vivid dreams and those old wives tales are inconclusive. So we’ll see!

Also, as an update from last week, I finally bought some maternity jeans from Stitch Fix and they are a dream! Why aren’t normal pants like this!? They are so comfortable! I also got a floral maternity dress from Le Tote that I wore in Napa over the weekend. It worked out great – and the best part is that I get to return it whenever I want!


Final update is that I had a bout of nausea on Wednesday night — wait, I thought I was done with the nausea stage! I threw up (again) on the bus home from work and on my way to Kezar for track.  I think baby just wanted me to make sure I knew he/she was still growing in there. But it’s all good, 10 minutes of misery out of several weeks of feeling great is no big deal. I’ll take it! And it just goes to show that pregnancy can change so much from one day to the next. Just like parenthood, right?

6 mile run in Napa the morning after the wedding

Next on our to-do list is to continue to build our baby registry. What are some good tips and tricks for figuring out what to buy and what to skip? It can be a little overwhelming. Thanks!

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