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Week #6 — Clean, Fresh Air

Before the Wine Country wildfires I never gave much thought to clean, fresh air. But I’ll be honest, I’ll never take clean air for granted again. Going from long runs on the treadmill to long runs on the trails is a completely night and day experience.

I can’t possibly complain about running on a treadmill, or staying inside with the windows closed for 2 weeks, because there are so many people who lost their homes or even died tragically in the fires. But I will say, I’m grateful for that fresh air now that the smoke has cleared. Thank you, firefighters, first responders, police officers, volunteers, and everyone who has been involved with the relief efforts. This has been a devastating event for Northern California.

Changing gears… now that we’re nearly 2 months into training, I think I’ve officially fallen in love with trail running. ❤ It’s so freeing to get outside, away from the traffic & noise, and run on soft surfaces in nature. On Saturday, Stephanie and I started before sunrise to get a head start on our 22 mile run. After the first big climb, we stared out towards the SF skyline as the sun shined behind the mountain vistas. Deep breaths. Wow. This is real life, and we get to live here. We are SO lucky.

We continued our run, up and down major hills, and repeat, for a total elevation gain of 3,100 ft. One of the trails we ran was through an area that felt like a rain forest. And then just a few miles ahead we were in dry, hot areas with the sun shining. The trails can lead you to different climates and vegetation that will keep you present and appreciative of the changes in scenery. Super cool.

After the long run we went to our favorite spot for vegan quinoa wraps and ginger lemonade. Yummmm!

On Sunday, Mark and I got up early for an 8 mile run through the Presidio for a total of 30 miles of running this weekend. Feeling great!!

I’m also happy to report that I’m officially the new Golden Gate Triathlon Run Director for 2018! I’m so excited to lead our running efforts, and help club members develop their own love of running.

Thank you all for the support and the donations. You are helping make a difference in the lives of factory animals all over the world.

For the animals,


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