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Girl Crush: Hillary Biscay, Plant-based Ultraman Winner

Why is Hillary Biscay my tri idol? Well…

  • She has completed 60 Ironman triathlons. SIXTY! That is insane! The fact that she can have the strength to do this and to recover between races/workouts quickly enough is mind-boggling. In 2006 she became the first person to record 6 top-five Ironman finishes in one season, among other accomplishments. Unbelievable. Bravo, Hillary and keep crushin’ it!
  • She’s plant-powered and also doesn’t like to use the word “vegan”. I’m with her on this one!
  • She swam at the University of Michigan and got a block “M” tattoo!! (full disclosure, she only swam there for a year then slightly altered the tattoo later on… whatever, GO BLUE!!)
  • She was the female winner at Ultraman and placed 3rd overall this past weekend. Ultraman is an event in Hawaii where athletes swim 6.2-miles, bike 261.4-miles, and run 52.4-mile over 3 days. An incredible accomplishment!
  • She has her own athletic clothing line called Smashfest Queen. I own one of her kits and I have to say, the cycling shorts are the best pair I’ve ever owned. And the design is exceptionally cute. Her husband, Maik Twelsiek, wore a Smash kit during Ironman Wisconsin this year and won the race. NBD.
  • She’s down to Earth. She did a 2-hour podcast with Rich Roll (which I highly encourage you listen to) and her polite and modest personality really shined through. She’s a true champion in every sense of the word.
  • She writes inspiring and motivating articles for MindBodyGreen, one of my favorite blog sites. Check them out.

Even though I don’t aspire to do 60 Ironmans myself, I do look up to Hillary. She is a strong woman and has proven that a plant-based diet can improve recovery time and athletic performance. She’s smashing records left and right and it’s inspiring to watch. I hope she continues to race and spread the plantpowered message. And I hope our paths cross at some point – would love to meet her!

Who is your athletic idol? Anyone that inspires you?

Thanks everyone. Swim. Bike. Run. Eat Plants.

Hillary Biscay -- photo credit:
Hillary Biscay — photo credit:

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