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Race Report: Turkey Trot 10K

I love a good 10K. They’re fast, fun, and you don’t have to worry about taking Gu! On Thanksgiving I ran the Marin Turkey Trot in Novato, CA. It was a sunny and perfectly crisp morning and I was excited to start the holiday weekend on the right foot. I ended up running side-by-side with my friend Rory and we were able to keep a fast pace while chit-chatting most of the way. He got about a hundred compliments on his shiny disco shorts, and I managed to step on a dead rat (gross). Overall, a great morning and a fun way to pre-burn off the Thanksgiving meal!

Friends and Family: I saw the “3 Musketeers”, Anne, April, Trish (and Al of course) whom I love dearly. They are my close friends from Team in Training and I always enjoy training with them. Such a positive group! April is also training for her first Ironman and is also plantpowered! Wahoo!

I also saw newlyweds Bill and Tina in their amazing turkey costumes. So creative and fun! And of course I met up with Rory and his friend Amy at the start.

The best though was crossing the finish line and seeing my brother, sister-in-law, and their 3 adorable kids (including 7 week old twin boys!) I wasn’t expecting to see all of them so it was an amazing surprise. My niece gave me a big hug and Rory a high five as we crossed the line. So cute and I’m so thankful to have family nearby!

The Course: It was an out-and-back, and decently hilly. We had run around there for my Team in Training triathlon training, so I was fairly familiar with the course. We ran by the Marin Country Club and wondered why there weren’t any golfers out there. It was a great morning to play 9 or 18!

Result: 7th in my age group out of 41. Total time of 53:17.

Post-race: Ate some PopChips, went to Woodlands to pick up some soup and spent the day watching the Detroit Lions win(!) and hanging out at my brother’s house. Great Thanksgiving, indeed!

Did anyone else do a Turkey Trot? How did it go?

Thanks everyone. Swim. Bike. Run. Eat Plants.

Rory, me, and Amy before the race
Rory, me, and Amy before the race
Me, April, Trish, Anne, and Al, before the run!
Me, April, Trish, Anne, and Al, before the run!

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