Training Log


23rd. Run. Brick run after the bike. 15 mins. 8:59/mi

23rd. Bike. Final taper ride in SF. 51 miles.

22nd. Run. Taper run 7.6 miles. 9:14/mi

21st. Run. Morning treadmill run. 35 minutes.

20th. Bike/Run. Morning indoor brick workout (bike 45 + run 10)

19th. Run. Run and elliptical (50 mins) plus focus on core and foam roll.

19th. Bike. Indoor spin intervals. 45 mins.

18th. Run. Morning 5 mile run with hills. 9:53/mi

16th. Run. 11 mile Presidio run with hills.

15th. Run. 5 mile brick run. 9:20/mi

15th. Bike. 70 miles on the Silverado Trail.

15th. Swim. 1 hour 2000 yards with drills.

14th. Bike. Spin intervals. 1 hour.

12th. Swim. Morning swim. 2,500 yards.

11th. Bike. Indoor spin intervals. 1 hour.

9th. Run. Post-swim 7.0 mile easy run. 9:34/mi

9th. Swim. 30 min Aquatic Park swim no wetsuit.

8th. Bike. Long bike ride along the coast. 107 miles. 6 hours 49 mins.

7th. Swim. Morning swim. 2,050 yards.

6th. Swim. Morning swim. 2,250 yards.

5th. Run. Morning tempo run. 7.0 miles. 8:16/mi

4th. Swim. Morning swim. 2,000 yards.

2nd. Run. Brick run after bike. 3 miles. 9:37/mi

2nd. Bike. Indoor spin on the trainer. 2 hours.

2nd. Swim. Open water swim, no wetsuit. 1 hour.

1st. Run. 22 miles. 3 hours 26 minutes. 9:23/mi


30th. Run. Post happy hour treadmill hour. 1 hour. 6.5 miles.

30th. Swim. 3050 yards at the pool. 1 hour 15 mins.

26th. Run. Transition run after bike. 2 miles. 9:23/mi

26th. Bike. 4 hour bike ride in Napa. 71.3 miles.

25th. Run. 18.0 mile long run. 9:27/mi.

24th. Bike. Indoor spin intervals. 45 mins. 16 miles.

23rd. Run. Easy recovery week run. 4.4 miles. 9:28/mi

22nd. Swim. Evening swim 1,100 yards.

21st. Bike. Recovery spin intervals. 45 mins. 15.6 miles.

19th. Run. Nike Women’s Half Marathon race. 13.1 miles. 1 hour 57 mins.

18th. Bike. 85 mile ride on the Silverado trail. Aero + wind. 4 hours 33 mins.

17th. Run. Evening aerobic run. 6 miles. 9:29/mi

17th. Swim. Morning swim ladder set. 65 minutes. 2,500 yards.

16th. Strength. 1 hour strength training circuit.

16th. Bike. Indoor spin intervals. 1 hour. 21.4 miles.

15th. Swim. Evening pool swim 2,175 yards. 1 hour.

15th. Run. Morning tempo run. 8.2 miles. 8:32/mi.

14th. Strength. 1 hour of squats, lunges, core, plyo, etc

14th. Bike. 90 minute spin intervals. 32.1 miles.

12th. Run. Trail run, 10 miles. 1300+ ft of gain.

11th. Run. Transition run after bike. 15 minutes.

11th. Bike. 50 miles Silverado Trail. 2 hours 55 mins.

10th. Run. 20 minute treadmill run + core.

9th. Strength. Evening strength training circuit. 1 hour.

9th. Bike. Indoor spin intervals. 1 hour. 21.3 miles.

8th. Run. 8 mile morning tempo run. 8:22/mi.

7th. Strength. Evening strength training circuit. 1 hour.

7th. Bike. 1 hour morning spin intervals. 70 minutes.

6th. Swim. Morning 40 minute swim. Drills and intervals.

5th. Run. Quick transition run. 2.5 miles. Very hot. 9:30/mi

5th. Bike. 41 miles in Marin. Nicasio.

4th. Run. 7.2 miles post-swim. So hot + touristy. 9:09/mi

4th. Swim. Open water swim sans wetsuit. 42 minutes.

3rd. Run. Evening 4.1 mile run. Hot outside. 9:15/mi.

3rd. Swim. Morning 2,000 yard swim. 53 minutes.

2nd. Bike. Indoor spin intervals + core. 1 hour 15 mins.

1st. Swim. Quick 30 minute swim in the evening.

1st.  Run. 6.2 mile morning run. 8:00/mi.


30th. Bike. Indoor Spin Intervals + core + Strength training. 1 hour 40 minutes.

28th. Run. 12 mile run in the Marina and Presidio post-swim. 9:50/mi

28th. Swim. 40 minute Aquatic Park swim.

27th. Bike. 56 mile Silverado Trail ride. 2 hours 55 minutes.

26th. Run. 7 mile morning run 8:17/mi

25th. Bike. Indoor spin intervals and core work. 22 miles.

24th. Swim. 30 minutes in the pool, speed and drills.

23rd. Bike. M2 indoor cycle class 23 miles.

21st. IRONMAN Lake Tahoe Cancelled. Back to the drawing board.

20th. Run. 1 mile shake-out run to calm the nerves. 8:54/mi

19th. Swim. Quick 15 minute swim at Kings Beach. Cold but calm water.

18th. Bike. 15 mile ride with my ZIPP wheels. ~1 hour. On the IMLT run course.

17th. Bike. 15 mile ride in the wind. ~1 hour.

17th. Swim. 25 minute easy swim at Kings Beach.

16th. Run. Taper run in Tahoe. 4.1 miles 9:47/mi

14th. Run. Tiburon run 7.2 miles. Last SF long run. 9:07/mile

13th. Run. Brick run 2.1 miles. 9:20/mile.

13th. Bike. Final bike ride in SF. 34 miles.

12th. Swim. Morning swim drills and intervals. 45 mins. 1650 yards.

11th. Bike. Final M2 class. 24 miles.

10th. Run. Morning run 6.2 miles. 7:52/mile.

9th. Bike. M2 power cycle class. 22 miles.

8th. Swim. 30 minutes in the pool 1850 yards.

6th. Run. 12 mile run in DC. 9:48/mi.

4th. Bike. SF to Mountain View commute. 46 miles.

3rd. Run. Tempo run after swimming. 5.6 miles 8:21/mi.

3rd: Swim. Quick 30 minute morning swim. 1,100 yards.


31st. Run. Long run 20 miles SF to Tiburon, took the ferry home. 9:51/mi

30th. Bike. 95 total miles from SF to the peninsula. 6200+ ft of elevation gain.

29th. Run. Sunset/night hilly run to test the headlamp. 6.3 miles 10:03/mi

28th. Run. Post-bike run outside. 3.1 miles 8:49/mi.

28th. Bike. 1 hour indoor spin intervals. 21 miles.

27th. Run. Evening run with a migraine 7.2 miles 9:24/mi

26th. Bike. 90 minutes of indoor spin intervals. 33 miles.

25th. Swim. 2,100 yards of drills and kicking.

24th. Run. 22.2 mile run in Mill Valley. 9:33/mile.

23rd. Bike. 95 mile bike ride in Marin with Tami. 5,000+ft of elevation gain. 6.5 hours.

23rd. Swim. 30 minute open water swim at Aquatic Park. 1200 yards.

22nd. Run. 6.6 miles, aerobic pace. 9:22/mile.

21st. Bike. Morning M2 Class. 26.1 miles.

20th. Swim. 3,025 yards. 1 hour 20 mins. Pure torture.

20th. Run. Morning run in Redwood Shores. 8.0 miles. 8:18/mile

19th. Bike. M2 Class. 26 miles.

17th. Run. 4.1 miles in Michigan. 8:51/mile.

16th. Run. Long 18 mile run in Michigan. 9:26/mile.

15th. Run. 40 minute, 4.4 miler in Michigan. 9:11/mile.

15th. Swim. Morning 50 minute swim with continuous set.

14th. Bike. M2 class. 22 miles.

13th. Run. Morning 5.1 mile run. 8:13/mile.

12th. Bike. Indoor recovery spin (45 mins) + treadmill (15 mins) + core.

10th. Run. Ironman Lake Tahoe Run Course Preview. 17.0 miles. 9:43/mile.

10th. Swim. 30 minute swim open water at Kings Beach.

9th. Bike. Ironman Lake Tahoe Course Preview. 107.3 miles. 6 hours 56 minutes.

8th. Run. 6.0 miles in Tahoe 10:04/mile.

7th. Bike. M2 class 1 hour 10 minutes. 24.2 miles.

6th. Run. Evening run 6.2 miles 8:33/mile.

6th. Swim. Morning drills 2,100 yards. 56 minutes.

5th. Strength training. 1 hour.

5th. Bike. M2 power cycle class. 23 miles.

3rd. Run. 15.1 miles. 10:05/mi. Marina + Hopper’s Hands + Lands End + Ocean Beach + Golden Gate Park + Panhandle

3rd. Swim. Aquatic Park 30 minute swim.

2nd. Bike. Marin Century 102 miles. 6 hours 40 mins.

1st. Swim. 30 minutes 1,150 yards.


31st. Strength. Burpees, jump rope, push-ups, squats, stairs.

31st. Bike. Indoor bike intervals 18 miles + brick treadmill run + core + foam rolling

30th. Run. Tempo run after work. 8.2 miles 8:41/mi

30th. Swim. 2,100 yards with a focus on drills. 55 mins.

29th. Bike. M2 power cycle class. 23 miles.

27th. Run. Run in Santa Rosa after Vineman. 13.1 miles.

26th. Bike. Vineman AquaBike. 112 miles. 6 hours 32 mins. 3,600 ft of elevation gain.

26th. Swim. Vineman AquaBike Race. 2.4 miles. 1 hour 35 mins.

23rd. Run. Post-happy hour (bad idea). 5.2 miles. 9:02/mi

23rd. Swim. Morning 2,250 yards. 56 mins.

22nd. Bike. M2 power cycle class.

20th. Run. 2 hours along the Marina. 11 miles. 10:27/mi

20th. Swim. Aquatic Park. 40 minutes with drills. 1200 yards.

19th. Run. Brick run 1.6 miles. 10:02/mi

19th. Bike. Paradise Loop 42 miles. 3 hours.

18th. Run. 7.1 mile run in Redwood Shores.

17th. Strength. 1 hour strength training: deadlifts, squats, core, military press, lunges

17th. Bike. 1 hour 10 minute M2 power cycle class. 26 miles.

16th. Run. 6.3 mile evening run in Redwood Shores. Very windy and slow. 9:23/mi

16th. Swim. 1000 yard time trial. 23:10. Twenty seconds faster than in April.

15th. Bike. M2 power cycle class. Active recovery spin. 25 miles.

13th. Run. 6.0 miles in SF 9:55/mi

13th. Swim. Ironman distance swim in Lake Tahoe. 1 hour 33 minutes. 2.4 miles.

12th. Bike. Death Ride 2014. 125 miles. 15,000 ft of elevation gain. 11 hours.

10th. Bike. 1 hour 20 minute M2 indoor power cycle class. 23 miles.

9th. Swim. 3 x descending ladder. 1 hour. 2,375 yards.

8th. Strength. 1 hour strength training session (burpees, lunges, squats, sprints, core, etc).

8th. Run. Morning run around Redwood Shores. 7.0 miles. 8:21/mi

6th. Run. 14 mile run in GG Park, Ocean Beach and Lands End. 9:53/mi

5th. Run. Brick run after the long bike. 40 minutes. 10:23/mi

5th. Bike. Ironman Lake Tahoe course preview. 2 loops. 83 miles. 5 hours 24 mins.

4th. Run. Post-swim run around the Tahoe neighborhoods. 4.8 miles 9:50/mi

4th. Swim. Open water swim in Lake Tahoe at Kings Beach. 1.2 miles.

3rd. Run. Post-swim run in Tahoe. 5.8 miles. 10:17/mi

3rd. Swim. 1.5 miles in Lake Tahoe at Sugar Pine beach.

2nd. Bike. Morning power cycle class at M2. 1 hour 20 mins.


29th. Run. Post-swim 8 mile run in Tahoe along the bike path. 10:13/mi.

29th. Swim. Kiva Beach Lake Tahoe open water swim. 45 minutes.

28th. Bike. Alta Alpina Challenge. 110 miles. 11,000 ft. of elevation gain. 8 hours 40 mins.

27th. Swim. Morning swim 2,150 yards.

26th. Run. Morning run. 6.3 miles. 8:26/mi. USA! USA!

25th. Bike. 1 hour The Sufferfest: Rubber band video. Indoors.

25th. Swim. 2,000 yards, 1 hour, of drills and some continuous.

24th. 1 hour strength training.

24th. Run. 7 mile run around Redwood Shores. 8:32/mi

22nd. Run. 14 mile run along the Marina, GG Bridge, and back. 9:57/mi

22nd. Swim. Aquatic Park, 1 hour swim.

21st. Bike. Mt Diablo north gate, then south gate. 53 miles.

20th. Run. Workout, quick run, quick spin, core, strength.

19th. Run. Redwood Shores loop. 8.1 miles. 8:29/mi.

18th. Bike. M2 cycle class. Base Watts: 200.

17th. Run. 1-mile intervals with recovery, warm-up and cool down. 5 miles.

15th. Run. 3 loops around Angel Island. 14 miles.

15th. Swim. 30 minute open water swim at Angel Island. Ayala Cove.

14th. Bike. Paradise Loop + 3 Hawk Hill repeats with GGTC.  4 hours.

11th. Run. Quick treadmill and core workout before E3.

10th. Run. Treadmill intervals and core + strength. 1 hour.

8th. Run. 2 hour trail run at Mt. Tam with Jenny and Ashley.

7th. Bike. 96 mile bike ride in Marin. 6 hours 30 minutes.

6th. Swim. Pyramid swim, 2,500 yards.

6th. Run. Morning 8 mile tempo run.

5th. Bike. M2 spin class 1 hour.

4th. Bike. Indoor spin intervals + core work.

3rd. Strength training. 1 hour. Squats, lunges, core, sprints, rows, etc.

3rd. Swim. Masters swim class. 1 hour. Focus on kicking, gliding, and sprinting.

2nd. Bike. Easy spin to flush out the legs + core.

1st. Race. Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. Swim, Bike, Run.


31st. Bike. Easy spin to test out bike and spin out the legs.

30th. Run. Morning 10K run. 8:47/mi

29th. Swim. Masters swim class. 1 hour.

28th. Bike. M2 spin class. 1 hour, 15 mins.

27th. Swim. Masters swim class. 1 hour.

25th. Run. 2 hour trail run on the Rubicon Trail in Lake Tahoe.

25th. Swim. 40 minutes in Lake Tahoe.

24th. Run. Quick brick run after the long bike. 2.0 miles 9:40/mi

24th. Bike. 72 miles around Lake Tahoe. 4 hours 27 mins.

23rd. Run. 5 miles with negative splits. 8:21/mi

22nd. Swim. Masters Swim Class. Drills, pull, and kicking.

21st. Strength training, 1 hour

20th. Swim. Morning Masters Swim Class. Side-kick, drills, and sprints.

18th. Bike. Strawberry Fields Forever metric century ride in Santa Cruz. 4 hours 10 mins.

17th. Run. 12 mile run along the Marina and across the GG Bridge. 1 hour 50 minutes. 9:23/mi.

17th. Swim. Alcatraz to St Francis Yacht Club!! 1.8 miles.

15th. Swim. Masters Swim class with drills, instruction and kicking

14th. Swim. 1800 yards with drills and hypoxic breathing

13th. Swim. Quick sunset swim for 30 mins at the pool

11th. Swim. Aquatic Park Perimeter. 25 minutes (felt like 5 hours)

10th. Run. Brick run after the bike. 25 minutes. 9:21/mi

10th. Bike. 72 miles, 5 hours. Very windy.

9th. Run. 7.0 miles at an easy recovery pace. 9:14/mi

8th. Bike. Bike to work day! San Francisco to Redwood City. 30 miles. 1 hour 51 mins.

7th. Run. Recovery track workout. 3.7 miles. Fast straight-aways, slow curves

7th. Swim. 1550 yards with drills.

6th. Bike. Spin class. 45 minutes. Foam roll.

5th. Bike. Very easy 30 minutes spinning, little resistance + long foam rolling session

3rd. Race. Wildflower long course triathlon! 6 hours and 55 minutes finish time: 1.2 mile swim, 2.2 mile run, 56 mile bike, 10.9 mile run


30th. Run. 30 minutes easy with 4 x 90 second pick-ups

30th. Swim. 30 minutes with pull buoy

29th. Run. 30 minutes in Zone 1 with  4 x 90 second pick-ups

28th. Swim. 1,800 yard swim easy with drills.

27th. Run. Long slow easy run with hills and sand ladder 10.9 miles 10:23/mi

26th. Triathlons. 3 times 400yrd swim, 6 mile bike, 2 mile run. To practice transitions.

24th. Bike. Indoor spin bike intervals. Core and strength training following.

23rd. Run. Evening hills, 4 miles towards the bridge plus core workout.

23rd. Swim. Morning swim with drills 1800 yards.

22nd. Bike. Morning spin class.

21st. Swim. 2000 yard swim at the pool with kicking, fins and drills.

20th. Swim. Aquatic park open water perimeter swim. 0.8 miles.

19th. Bike #2. 10 miles back to Fairfax.

19th. Run. 5.3 mile trail run near the 7 sisters.

19th. Bike #1. 37 miles with 5,089 ft of elevation gain. Fairfax/Alpine Dam/7 Sisters/Muir Beach

18th. Swim. 1,675 yards easy.

18th. Run. 6.2 miles in Redwood Shores 52 mins. 8:22/mi

17th. Bike. Indoor spin intervals, 1 hour. Plus 30 minutes of core and strength training.

16th. Run. Track workout 30 min threshold run. 3.8 miles in 30 mins. 7:52/mi

16th. Swim. 1,750 yards of drills, kicking and first time doing hypoxic training (it’s hard!)

15th. Run. Short 2.2 mile run after spin class. 8:28/mi

15th. Bike. Spin Class 45 minutes.

14th. Warm-up, core, stretch, foam roll.

13th. Run. 10 mile run post-swim. Sand ladder through the Marina.

13th. Swim. 1 mile Aquatic Park swim. 39 mins.

12th. Bike. 10 mile time trial (33 min) + 40 mile Marshall Wall loop (2:37)

11th. Run. Post-swim 45 min run. 8:48/mi

11th. Swim. 1000 yard time trial (23 min) + warm-up and cool-down.

10th. Bike. Indoor spin intervals and drills. 50 minutes + 10 minute treadmill run.

9th. Run. Presidio hill repeats with body weight exercises mixed in. Fun!

8th. Run. 2.2 mile run after spin class, Brick. 8:54/mi

8th. Bike. 45 minute spin class.

7th. Swim. Morning swim, drills, kicking, fins. 1800 yards.

6th. Run. Trail run in the Marin Headlands. 8.8 miles. 1900 ft of elevation gain. 12:48/mi

5th. Run. #2. 3.2 miles post-bike ride Brick. 8:46/mi

5th. Bike. 3 Bears in the East Bay. 38.6 miles. 3,179 ft of elevation gain. 2 hours 48 minutes.

5th.  Run. #1. 1.1 miles. 8:58/mi

4th. Run. Easy 6.0 miles in the Marina.  9:53/mi

3rd. Swim. 2,475 yards. 1 hour 13 minutes.

2nd. Run. Treadmill and Spin bike 45 minutes plus core.

1st. Bike. 45 min spin class.


30th. Triathlon. Practice tri. 1 mile swim, 26 mile bike, 6 mile run.

28th. Bike. Spin class 1 hour.

27th. Swim. Recovery week swim. 1,150 yards.

26th. Run. Hill repeats near Sports Basement / Warming Hut. 4.2 miles.

25th. Run. Brick. 3.0 mile run @ 8:21/mile

25th. Bike. Brick. Morning spin class 45 mins.

24th. Yoga class 45 mins with emphasis on hip flexors

23rd. Run. 10.2 miles. Potrero around the Embarcadero and back. 9:01/mi

22nd. Bike. 45 miles. 2 hours 52 minutes. 2,733 ft elevation gain. San Rafael up to Big Rock down to Olema and back. Flat tire.

22nd. Swim. 1 hour. 2200 yards. Drills, body balance, speed work.

21st. Bike. 1 hour spin class followed by core work.

20th. Run. 45 minute morning jog in Redwood Shores.

19th. Run. Lyon St. Stair repeats. 30 minutes.

18th. Bike. Hawk Hill x3 repeats at sunset. 17.7 miles. 1 hour 35 minutes.

17th. Warmup Jog and Vinyasa Yoga class

16th. Bike. Half Moon Bay Highway 1, race distance continuous ride. Windy. 3 hours 45 minutes.

15th. Run. Marina and Presidio, hilly long run after swimming. 9.2 miles, 9:01/mi

15th. Swim. Open water aquatic park. 42 minutes continuous, 1 mile.

13th. Swim. Drills and a little speed work. 2,025 yards.

12th. Run. Treadmill intervals 5 x 800 with increasing speed. 4.0 miles.

11th. Run. Run after spin class. 2.1 miles 9:03/mi

11th. Bike. Spin class (45 mins)

10th. Light jog on treadmill, core work, 30 minutes

9th. Run. Trail run at Sawyer Camp. 10.0 miles 9:25/mi

8th. Bike. San Rafael through Big Rock to Cheese Factory and back. 37.6 miles 1,952 ft of gain. 2 hours 22 mins.

8th. Swim.  2,400 yards of drills and a little speed effort. 1 hour 8 minutes.

7th. Run. Redwood Shores perimeter, threshold pace. 7.6 miles 8:29/mi

6th. Swim. Drills and descending sets. 2,075 yards.

5th. Run. Track workout and VDOT test repeat + core + strength. 3.7 miles 8:53/mi

5th. Morning weights and strength training, 1 hour

4th. Run. Transition run after spin class. 2.2 miles 8:55/mi

4th. Bike. Spin class 45 min.

3rd. Swim. Drills and continuous swim in the rain. 1225 yards. 37 minutes.

3rd. Yoga. Warmup jog and morning Vinyasa yoga.

2nd. Run. 6.3 miles in Golden Gate Park (rainy).

1st. Run (Brick). 1.5 mile shakeout run. 10:00/mi

1st. Bike (Brick). 3 bears ride. 34 miles, 2 hours 22 minutes.


28th. Run (Brick). 2 miles after spin class on the treadmill.

28th. Bike (Brick). 1 hour spin class brick.

27th. Swim. 2,050 yards. 1 hour.

23rd. Run (Brick). Easy 1.6 miles. 9:54/mi

23rd. Bike (Brick). 14.4 miles. 55 minutes. Big Rock and back. Marker set.

22nd. Run (Brick). 5.9 miles. 54 minutes. 9:20/mi

22nd. Swim (Brick). 1,800 yards. Mostly drills, some speed work.

21st. Run. 6.3 miles + strength exercises. 55 minutes 8:45/mi

20th. Crossfit. 13 back squats, 100 wall balls, 100 double unders, 10 pull ups

19th. Run. Track workout. 5.1 miles. 2×600 Level 3, 4×400 Level 5, 6×200 Level 9 with core/strength/warm-up/cool-down.

19th. Stretch, foam roll, core, strength exercises.

18th. Swim. 1750 yards. 49 minutes.

17th. Snowboard. Cross-training for 5 hours in Lake Tahoe.

16th. Run. 6.6 miles with GGTC at Mt Tam with 951 ft of vertical climb.

15th. Bike. 21.4 miles. 1 hour 37 minute. Pig Farm in East Bay. Hilly.

15th. Swim. 1,975 yards. 1 hour.

14th. Run. Valentine’s day hill repeats. 2 miles with 646ft of elevation gain.

13th. Swim. 1500 yards. 43 minutes.

12th. Run. Track at Kezar stadium.  4.8 miles. 44 minutes.

12th. Crossfit. 120 wall balls, 240 double unders, 30 snatches.

11th. Swim. 1025 yards. Kicking, pull buoy and 15′ continuous.

10th. Run. 6.0 miles around Redwood Shores. 52 minutes. 8:41/mile.

9th. Run. Easy 3.6 miles. 9:35/mile

8th. Swim. Drills. 975 yards. 40 minutes.

6th. Run. Fast intervals on the treadmill (missed track last night). 6×800 meters.

5th. Crossfit. 10 jerks, 4x100M sprint, 36 pull-ups, 36 dips, 20 power snatches

4th. Swim. 20 minutes continuous with a warm-up and cool-down. 34 minutes. 1200 yards.

3rd. Stretch, foam roll, elliptical to shake out those legs. A little sore from the half marathon.

2nd. Run. Half marathon race. 1 hour 57 minutes. 8:52/mile.


30th. Crossfit. 30 back squats, 36 power cleans, 20 power snatches, 4×200 meter sprint, 10 toes to bar, 20 V-ups

29th. Run. 6.2 miles before work in Redwood Shores. 54 minutes 33 seconds. 8:52/mi

27th. Run. 3 miles on the treadmill at 6.5 miles per hour. Core, stretch, foam roll

26th. Run. 8.3 mile trail run around Mount Tamalpais in Marin. With Duane and Dorette Franks and other Trifiniti and GGTC people. 1 hour 41 minutes.

25th. Bike. 58.9 miles. Hawk Hill & Paradise Loop in Marin. 4 hours 29 minutes.

24th. Crossfit. 30 burpees, 5x25M sled sprints, 4x100M sprint, 4×9 deadlifts, 4×6 hang power cleans, 4×3 push press, 4×18 kettlebell swings, 25 dumbell presses

23rd. Run. 7.0 miles, morning run around Redwood Shores. 1 hour 2 minutes. 8:57/mi

22nd. Crossfit. 90 shoulder to overhead presses. 30 double unders. 60 step lunges. Sprints.

21st. Run. 5.0 miles. Morning run around Redwood Shores. 44 minutes 59 seconds. 8:59/mi

20th. Bike. 40.4 miles. 3 hours 34 minutes. Potrero to Hawk Hill & Rodeo, hill repeats.

19th. Run. 12.1 miles. 2 hours flat. 2.5 laps around Lake Merced. Last long run before the Kaiser half marathon. 9:59/mi

18th. Bike. 42 miles, 2 hours 44 minutes. Highway 1 from Half Moon Bay.

17th. Swim. Just a quick warm up.

16th. Run. 7.0 mile morning run in Redwood Shores. 1 hour 2 minutes, 8:53/mi

15th. Bike. 1 hour indoor spin class at Oracle.

15th. Crossfit. 20 squat snatches, 60 clean and jerks, 1000 meter run

14th. Run. 3 miles on the treadmill at 6.5 mph. Stretch, foam roll, and core work.

13th. Crossfit. 30 back squats, 50 V-ups, 60 sumo dead lifts, 60 burpees, 60 wall balls

12th. Yoga. 60 minutes. 10 minute core strengthening video.

9th. Swim. 1,094 yards.

8th. Run: 4.1 miles. 2 laps around Redwood Shores Lagoon. 38 minutes. 9:11/mi

7th. Crossfit: 25 burpees, 25 thrusters, 50 kettlebell swings, 30 hang power cleans, 40 more burpees, 7×200 meter sprints

6th. Run: 6.0 miles. Sunrise in Redwood Shores. 52 minutes. 8:43/mi

4th. Run: 9.6 miles. 2 laps around Lake Merced. 1 hour 32 minutes. 9:35/mi

3rd. Bike: Bike to work, 28 miles. 1 hour 43 minutes.

3rd. Bike: Bike from work to home. 28 miles. 1 hour 49 minutes.

1st. Bike: Hill repeats in the Marin Headlands with Chris. 22.6 miles and 2,405ft of elevation gain. 2 hours.

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