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Triathlete Problems

Alright, I love the triathlon lifestyle and everything about it. But you have to admit… it can get a little quirky. Here are my top 20 “triathlete problems”. What would you add to this list? I’ll do another edition with your feedback!

  1. When someone tells me they forgot to eat that’s like telling me they forgot to breathe
  2. I can’t remember the last time I bought clothing that wasn’t made with a technical fabric 
  3. Forget lavender bath salts, if I take a bath it’s filled with ice 
  4. Yes, I have a boyfriend. His name is Ironman.
  5. Sports Basement gets more of my paycheck than my landlord
  6. My perfume is called eau de chlorine
  7. I own more athletic shoes than heels
  8. I got my first tri stamp at Wildflower. That’s going to leave a mark.
  9. If you think my skin is white you should see my upper thighs
  10. When driving in my car I often yell out “stopping!” as instinct
  11. 7am is considered sleeping in, even on the weekend
  12. There is no such thing as having 3 meals a day. It’s more like 6 and yes I’ll have another burrito, please.
  13. My bike has software. And a battery. And that’s normal.
  14. Laundry is no longer a once-a-week chore
  15. My watch is a mini-computer that can spit out any training data point you could imagine… but don’t ask me what time it is
  16. Sometimes I forget that it’s not socially acceptable to snot-rocket
  17. Massages aren’t relaxing
  18. Someone asked me what my favorite bars were, and I said Picky Bars and Larabars… they meant the kind of bars where you go to drink…
  19. My training plan for today calls for “only” a 90 minute run
  20. Packing for a triathlon weekend looks like you’re leaving for a month

Comment and add to this, please!!

5 thoughts on “Triathlete Problems

  1. That’s a pretty good list. The bars one is funny; I think I’d do the same thing. My additions:

    1) I own more wetsuits than actual suits.
    2) The only way I can remember which toes still have toenails is by looking for the blood underneath.
    3) I have to practice peeing.

    1. Haha totally relate to 1 & 3. I was ecstatic when I got a chance to wear my suit last weekend for a wedding. As for 3, lets just say you can be ‘pee shy’ on a bike.
      Also, when you are driving back after finishing a long ride (like the 72 miler last weekend) and see a hill, you brace yourself for the climb forgetting that you are in a car now. 😛

  2. …you can say “body glide” without giggling… you have mastered the art of changing your clothes in public (or just thrown all modesty out the window)

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