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When the Going Gets Tough…

This hasn’t exactly been a great week. I’m coming down with a cold, I haven’t been sleeping well, I’m going through a breakup, I’m recovering from our gluttonous EA holiday party, it’s been crazy cold around here, I’m trying to organize for my apartment move and finish my Christmas shopping. I’m stressed, sick, sad, and tired… not exactly the best recipe for healthy eating and heart-pounding workouts. All I want to do is cozy up in my warm bed and eat Chipotle and dark chocolate. Can anyone relate?!

I wish this could be a post about how I’ve been able to conquer the difficult week and eat like a superstar and workout each day. But it’s not. Monday and Tuesday were exceptionally lazy days.  I did wake up to go to the gym this morning and got some good treadmill intervals and core work done, but it was a challenge. A really tough challenge. I wish I could have the energy and the motivation to do that everyday, but I know it’ll be tough this week.

I have to remind myself that spending time at the gym (or running outside) and eating well throughout the day will improve my immune system, make me feel happier and feel like I can conquer anything that comes my way. It’s an obvious thing… so why is it so hard when life throws you these curveballs?

If anyone has any words of motivation to get my booty out of bed for Crossfit tomorrow, please comment! Until then, I’ll be listening to Ben Howard – Keep your Head Up on repeat.

Thanks everyone. Swim. Bike. Run. Eat Plants.

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5 thoughts on “When the Going Gets Tough…

  1. Carolyn! Feel better. Get some rest and don’t feel guilty about not going to Crossfit. Take the time to recharge and then get back at it. Also, play QuizUp.

    1. Haha thanks Steve! I’m definitely resting and taking your advice. I feel horrible and need to just relax. QuizUp it is! You’re going down.

  2. Stay strong chica 🙂 I know you are! And it’s perfectly OK to have a break here and there.

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