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WOW: Friday Roundup: 11/22

WOW = Workout of the Week!

What was your best workout this week? What challenged you and motivated you?

This week my goal was to bike to work Tuesday through Friday because traffic on 101-S has been absolutely horrible lately. But mother nature and her torrential downpour’s ruined those plans. So I brought my cycling indoors and signed up for some sweaty spin classes. I typically do the spin classes that are offered at “Club EA” (really a Club One) on our campus at work. They are pretty solid and I definitely work up a good sweat. And the instructor is an Ironman triathlete so she’s been pretty motivating and has great advice to share. I’m thinking about signing up for M2 at some point for a little more intense class.

I was happy to get on the bike, even though I was craving an outdoor wind-in-my-face morning adventure.The key is to be flexible with your plans and alter as necessary based on inclimate weather, illness, soreness, or injury. This is often hard to do when your mind is set on a particular training session, but it’s key! So, that’s my workout of the week — sweaty indoor spin classes with the pitter patter of the rain outside.

The  bottom line – stay flexible and don’t make excuses for weather!

Thanks everyone. Swim. Bike. Run. Eat Plants.

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