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Some Great Advice I Received

After a rainy and sweaty Crossfit class last night, I stuck around to chat with one of the coaches. He had some great advice and I wanted to make sure to write it down and to share it with you all. This will apply not only to Crossfitters and triathletes, but to pretty much anyone striving to accomplish a goal.

  1. Compare yourself to you. Not to anyone else. When everyone around you is putting heavier weights on their bar, or crushing 100 mile bike rides, just stay true to your plan and your goals. You shouldn’t strive to be better than the person next to you, you should strive to be better than the person you were yesterday. Who cares what other people’s triathlon times, or WOD times were? It doesn’t matter. It’s you vs. you.
  2. Just. Show. Up. Consistency is key. Though trying something new is intimidating, and the workout of the day might freak you out… just show up. You can always adjust the weight or adjust your expectations, but just try.
  3. Ask ask ask. Not sure about a particular move? Or need help with form? Just ask one of the coaches and they will glady help. It’s time to be a little assertive, own up to the fact that you don’t know it all, and get some advice on technique, form, whatever it may be.
  4. Find a workout buddy. It’s easier to do #2 (just show up) when you have someone counting on you. And having a buddy makes the workouts more fun.
  5. Never give up. Ever. Everyone in Crossfit started exactly the way I did – from the beginning. So I just have to have patience and know that I’ll improve over time. Same with training for Ironman — it’s going to be hard, it may be frustrating at times, but giving up is not an option.


Anything you would add to this list? What motivates you? How do you stick to your plan?

Thanks Everyone. Swim. Bike. Run. Eat Plants.

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