Week 37: Taper Time!

In Ironman training, we often devote the final 3 weeks to tapering, or reducing the volume of training to make sure we're fresh and ready to go on race day. In fact, 4 years ago I wrote a blog post called Week 36: Taper Time! leading up to Ironman Lake Tahoe. 9 months to train for… Continue reading Week 37: Taper Time!

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The Impossible Burger: Is it a game changer?

The Impossible Burger is no ordinary veggie burger. It sizzles like meat, it bleeds like meat, it looks like meat, and it tastes like meat. But it's made entirely from plants.  I think it'll go mainstream because in my 21-year experience as vegetarian, this is the best veggie burger I've ever had. And the company has raised… Continue reading The Impossible Burger: Is it a game changer?

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Ironman Cozumel Prep!

It's been a (mostly) incredible 3 days here in Cozumel, Mexico. The trip started off with a flight to Cancun where I was surrounded by 4 other Ironman triathletes. We shared stories, got to know each other, and exchanged info to keep in touch. It was an amazing way to start the trip!  Ferry Ride… Continue reading Ironman Cozumel Prep!

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Week 47: Taper for Ironman Cozumel

How do I know it's taper week? I'm sick, full of aches and pains, and antsy for race day! All of that aside, I absolutely can't wait to get to beautiful Cozumel and spend time with my friends and family. It's going to be an amazing trip and I'm excited to finish what we all… Continue reading Week 47: Taper for Ironman Cozumel

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Week 4: Ironman Coaching, Hoka’s, Hawk Hill, and Veganize This!

Is this seriously winter? I can't believe we had another week of 65-degree sunshine and absolutely no rain and the Midwest is dealing with another unbearable cold front. There's a 40% chance it's going to snow in Alabama and it's warmer in northern Alaska than in Chicago today. These extremes are really freaking me out.… Continue reading Week 4: Ironman Coaching, Hoka’s, Hawk Hill, and Veganize This!