Week 26: All The Pineapple

Mark and I just got back from our babymoon in Maui and had the most relaxing, do-nothing trip ever. We had been going full-speed for many weeks, so it was nice to pause, put our feet up, discuss baby-related topics, get massages, watch the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, feel the warm sunshine, and binge on… Continue reading Week 26: All The Pineapple


Week 24: Making Room for Baby

Week 24 is officially the OMG I'm so preggy! stage. I feel great and my belly isn't big enough to feel extra pressure, aches, or feel much different at all. But when I look in the mirror or see a photo of myself I sometimes do a double-take. Whoa! Is that me?? Baby B is growing so… Continue reading Week 24: Making Room for Baby


Week 18: Goodbye, Pants

I'm 18 weeks pregnant which unofficially represents the "I hate pants" phase. They dig into my expanding belly and make sitting, running and even standing uncomfortable. I've been getting creative this week with hair ties to extend the waistbands or just letting the top button free. But it's officially time for summer dresses and those… Continue reading Week 18: Goodbye, Pants

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Week 36: Taper Time!

We made it to taper!! HALLELUJAH! That means we've officially peaked and now it's all about gradually reducing volume while sticking with shorter interval workouts. It's also equally about rest, recovery, eating well, hydrating, bike maintenance, making crazy detailed lists, and generally trying to avoid freaking out. It's harder than you think! A Googly Commute I went to Washington DC… Continue reading Week 36: Taper Time!