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Week 46: Pack Your Bags We’re Going to Kona!!

Between big news, great workouts with friends, and bouncing back after my funk last week, this has quite possibly been the best week ever. As they say in Almost Famous, "it's all happening"... What?! Me? KONA!?! The Ironman World Championship, or simply "Kona" as it's referred to in the tri world, is the ultimate goal for… Continue reading Week 46: Pack Your Bags We’re Going to Kona!!

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Week 43: Recovery Week

Good thing this was a recovery week because life has been a little nutty with work + SF Giants + social events. It's a tough life 🙂 Speaking of nutty, I discovered vegan Nutella and it's lick-the-spoon delicious. It's the Justin's Chocolate Hazlenut Butter. Not the healthiest, but man it's good during a stressful week!… Continue reading Week 43: Recovery Week

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Week 42: Nike Women’s Half Marathon

What an awesome week! I stayed on top of my training plan and beat my 2 hour goal at the Nike Women's half marathon on Sunday. I love these small victories along the way of greater goals. It really helps stay motivated and I couldn't be more excited about Ironman Cozumel coming up in just… Continue reading Week 42: Nike Women’s Half Marathon