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Ironman World Championship 2015 Race Report

Racing in the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona was truly the experience of a lifetime. The energy from the crowds, the support from the volunteers, the sight of the pros flying by, the excitement in the air and the stories from athletes from around the globe truly made this a world class event. For me,… Continue reading Ironman World Championship 2015 Race Report

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All About That “Base”

With exactly 6 months to go until Kona I thought this would be a great time to jump-start the blog which, going forward, will include training updates, stories, photos, and plant-powered motivation. Thanks for following along as I get ready for Ironman #2, the Ironman World Championship! The Last 4 Months So what have I been up… Continue reading All About That “Base”

Ironman Kona Training · Training

Week 46: Pack Your Bags We’re Going to Kona!!

Between big news, great workouts with friends, and bouncing back after my funk last week, this has quite possibly been the best week ever. As they say in Almost Famous, "it's all happening"... What?! Me? KONA!?! The Ironman World Championship, or simply "Kona" as it's referred to in the tri world, is the ultimate goal for… Continue reading Week 46: Pack Your Bags We’re Going to Kona!!