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Ironman Cozumel Prep!

It's been a (mostly) incredible 3 days here in Cozumel, Mexico. The trip started off with a flight to Cancun where I was surrounded by 4 other Ironman triathletes. We shared stories, got to know each other, and exchanged info to keep in touch. It was an amazing way to start the trip!  Ferry Ride… Continue reading Ironman Cozumel Prep!

Ironman Cozumel Training · Training

Week 47: Taper for Ironman Cozumel

How do I know it's taper week? I'm sick, full of aches and pains, and antsy for race day! All of that aside, I absolutely can't wait to get to beautiful Cozumel and spend time with my friends and family. It's going to be an amazing trip and I'm excited to finish what we all… Continue reading Week 47: Taper for Ironman Cozumel

Ironman Cozumel Training · Training

Week 40: Hot hot hot in the Bay!

This week = heat + soreness. I was walking around like an old lady because my quads, hamstrings, and lower back were pretty sore from the week. I really wanted one of those Hoveround things, George Castanza-style. My body was still getting used to the regular training schedule so the soreness was definitely expected. But… Continue reading Week 40: Hot hot hot in the Bay!

Ironman Cozumel Training · Training

Week 39: Back at it

I can't believe it's been over a week since Ironman Lake Tahoe was cancelled. I've used the time to unpack my 5 thousand gear bags, but also get back into a somewhat regular training routine. My coach and I started to figure out how I need to change my training to adapt to the new course in… Continue reading Week 39: Back at it

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Ironman Lake Tahoe 2014 “Race Report”

By now everyone has heard the news... Ironman Lake Tahoe 2014 was cancelled a few minutes before the start due to smoke from the nearby King Fire. It was a sad and emotional time for me but I truly am looking forward to accomplishing the goal I set out to achieve and finally becoming an Ironman. Below is… Continue reading Ironman Lake Tahoe 2014 “Race Report”