Week 18: Goodbye, Pants

I'm 18 weeks pregnant which unofficially represents the "I hate pants" phase. They dig into my expanding belly and make sitting, running and even standing uncomfortable. I've been getting creative this week with hair ties to extend the waistbands or just letting the top button free. But it's officially time for summer dresses and those… Continue reading Week 18: Goodbye, Pants


Week 17: The Honeymoon Period

As of yesterday I'm 17 weeks pregnant which means Baby B is just about 4 months along and the size of a pomegranate. Wait... I'm 4 months pregnant?! No way. I have a hard time believing that! It feels like yesterday that we found out about Baby B on that Easter Sunday/April Fools Day. Time… Continue reading Week 17: The Honeymoon Period


Letter to Baby Bollozos

Dear Baby Bollozos (or "Goober Jr." as we're calling you!), Your Daddy and I don't know much about you yet, but we know you have a strong heartbeat, you're 16 weeks along, and you have quite a large head! And even though we don't know much about you, we already love you so much. And… Continue reading Letter to Baby Bollozos

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The Impossible Burger: Is it a game changer?

The Impossible Burger is no ordinary veggie burger. It sizzles like meat, it bleeds like meat, it looks like meat, and it tastes like meat. But it's made entirely from plants.  I think it'll go mainstream because in my 21-year experience as vegetarian, this is the best veggie burger I've ever had. And the company has raised… Continue reading The Impossible Burger: Is it a game changer?

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North Face 50K Race Report

Race: North Face Endurance Challenge 50K Finish Time: 7 hours 12 mins which was in line with what I expected. Slightly better than middle of the pack for females. Mileage: 32.9 miles (almost 2 miles longer than expected!) Elevation Gain: 6,591 ft (consisting of 6 large hills, each with roughly 1,000 ft of elevation gain) Fastest… Continue reading North Face 50K Race Report

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Tomorrow’s the DAY for my first 50K!

The day before any big race can be wrought with a range of emotions -- nerves, excitement, anxiety, edginess, worryness, confidence and/or pumped up. I'm happy to report that I'm full of EXCITEMENT right now and I can't wait to get on the trails tomorrow. We are so lucky to be able to train and… Continue reading Tomorrow’s the DAY for my first 50K!

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Week 9: A little R&R in Wine Country

We're one week away from race day and I'm getting super excited because 1) I'm almost at my $1,000 fundraising goal, and 2) it's TAPER TIME!! Taper is the time between peak training and race day. Depending on the race, this usually lasts about 2 weeks. Taper is time to focus on shorter workouts, quality… Continue reading Week 9: A little R&R in Wine Country

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Week 8: Hiking the Northern Loop

For the last several weeks we've been running 20+ miles with several thousand feet of elevation gain. So, when I saw our training plan for Saturday's run was a measly 15 miles, I thought "no big deal, we totally got this!". Mark and I even stayed out late the night before at the Bruno Mars concert… Continue reading Week 8: Hiking the Northern Loop

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Week 7: Peak Week!

This is the most running mileage I've done in the course of 2 days EVER! I ran 23 miles on Saturday followed by 10 miles on Sunday. Saying it out loud, or even typing it here, seems pretty nuts. Did I really run 33 miles in a single weekend? Holy smokes. I didn't know I could do… Continue reading Week 7: Peak Week!

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Week #6 — Clean, Fresh Air

Before the Wine Country wildfires I never gave much thought to clean, fresh air. But I'll be honest, I'll never take clean air for granted again. Going from long runs on the treadmill to long runs on the trails is a completely night and day experience. I can't possibly complain about running on a treadmill, or staying… Continue reading Week #6 — Clean, Fresh Air