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Week 4 — Do It For The Views (and Food)

As Stephanie and I conquered the second big climb of the day, I huffed and puffed "do it for the views!" and she said "and food!". No truer statements have been made on the trails ūüôā We love our 360-degree views from the top of big hills, but we love a nice, warm meal after… Continue reading Week 4 — Do It For The Views (and Food)

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Week 3 — “Runsploring” Mendocino

Whenever Mark and I arrive in a new city, the first thing we do is "runsplore" the area. When we arrived in Mendocino, California we couldn't wait to lace up our running shoes and head out the door to explore the Pacific Coast trails. We started the run from downtown Mendocino with a vague plan… Continue reading Week 3 — “Runsploring” Mendocino

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Week 2 — Mi-wanna-wok

There's a notoriously long and steep trail in the Marin Headlands called "Miwok" and as much as I tried to stay positive and strong, I kept thinking in my head "Mi-wanna-wok"! I powered up the hill but did take a couple power-hike breaks. Pacing is key in endurance events! On Saturday I met my Golden… Continue reading Week 2 — Mi-wanna-wok

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Week 1 – Ok, I’m Sore

Mark asked me, "Why are you walking like a penguin today?". My quads are burning, my legs are sore, and stairs are most definitely not my friend. As a result, I hobble around like a penguin! So, what happened? Well, on Saturday I went out for a¬†13+ mile trail run¬†with 2,000+ ft of elevation gain… Continue reading Week 1 – Ok, I’m Sore


2016 Goals

2014 was all about getting to the finish line in Cozumel. 2015 was all about staying injury-free, smart, and dedicated enough to race in Kona and finish strong. But now 2016, my third year of Ironman training, will be focused on taking it 'to the next level' which just means focusing on getting stronger and… Continue reading 2016 Goals

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Peace, Love and Kona: 2015 in Review

Never judge a full year by its beginning. 2015 didn't start out as planned but it turned out to be one of the best years ever. I fell in love, raced in¬†Kona,¬†found true happiness, and traveled more than ever. I mention this as a reminder to myself and to everyone writing goals for 2016, that… Continue reading Peace, Love and Kona: 2015 in Review


1 Month Post-Ironman

"Nobody ever does 2 Ironmans. You either do one¬†to check it off the bucket list, or you get hooked." -- a wise man It seems¬†like it was yesterday that I was flying across¬†the finish line at Ironman Kona. But my fake Ironman¬†tattoo has faded, my sunburn has turned to freckles, my muscles have¬†healed, the high… Continue reading 1 Month Post-Ironman