Upcoming Races

Prior to Ironman Lake Tahoe 2014 I plan on competing in some running races, century bike rides, shorter distance triathlons and even an “AquaBike”. All of these events are within driving distance of my home in San Francisco which is wonderful. The events will help me practice and refine my race-day plan. Races are also a great way to practice long distances in a controlled environment. Vineman AquaBike, for example, will be a full Ironman without the run. So it’ll give me a decent preview of what to expect and to practice my nutrition, special needs bag, etc. There are a million details to consider during an Ironman so the more I practice in real-race situations the better!

I also plan to travel to Tahoe several times between June and September to train on the bike course and swim in the lake.

2014 Race Calendar:

Contact me if you have any other suggestions, please! Thanks!! And for my friends in the Bay Area, I would love your support at any of these races. Come cheer and I will love you forever!!



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